For Student Athletes in 8th to 12th Grade

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In this course, I provide YOU a Roadmap (Navigator) to learn how to prepare yourself to compete in sports (primarily in basketball), how to make wiser and informed decisions throughout the journey, and also share the REAL BENEFITS of competing in sports long after YOU finish playing.

I will cover topics such as:

  • The REAL BENEFITS of Youth Sports
  • Playing Multiple Sports….How long?
  • Choosing a High School…..The Right Info to consider
  • High School Academics
  • Camp Life...How to WIN at Exposure and College Camps
  • Development and Nutrition
  • Choosing the right High School AAU team
  • The relationship between the HS and AAU (Travel Team) opportunity
  • Scouting Services: The role they play
  • Own your Recruiting Process….A MUST
  • Impact of Covid 19 and College One Time Transfer
  • Added Value with Academic Merit
  • Forever Game

Additionally, this course will broaden your perspective and assist YOU with overcoming adversities in your path and guide YOU to make sound decisions based on the right information, to help you reach the highest and best version of who YOU are.

This Course will be in Video format and YOU will be able to watch it as many times as YOU like, therefore there is a no refund policy. Good Success on your journey!

Thank You,

Coach O

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You will get instant access to:

(1) - Video Webinar
1 hour & 30 minutes
(1) - Driven Athlete Journal
To follow along and take notes
(1) - Digital Goodie Bag (PDF)
Skill / Body Development and Academic Resources
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For Student Athletes in 8th to 12th Grade

0 ratings
I want this!